Ignite Pre-Accelerator Teams— Winter 2018/19

Pre-accelerator founders and the Ignite team on Showcase Day

The past couple of years have been hard for the startup ecosystem in the North East. With a lack of funding and clarity around the support structures on offer, many founders struggled to get their startups up and running.

When we finally received the necessary funding to restart our NE-based activities and launch our latest pre-accelerator programme in the region, the main questions that we, our investors and partners were asking were:

What is out there?

What kind of founders and startups does the North East have to offer?

More excited than worried, we set out to find our 20 teams. We had over 100 applications and, after some intensive interviews, the teams you’ll read about today joined the Ignite family.

Our pre-accelerator teams made it through the application process and have now done their programme time. Over the course of their three months with us, we supported them with numerous useful sessions, introductions to mentors and our network and, last but not least, our investment partners at Northstar Ventures enabled the teams with a £10,000 net investment.

We are delighted to introduce you to founders who’ve all set out to solve real and big problems. They are entrepreneurs who have worked tirelessly over the past three months to create solutions based on what their users and customers want. They have also gone above and beyond to help each other and have already become a huge asset to the Ignite network.

Our first programme in the NE in three years has been fun, exciting, exhausting, terrifying and amazing — all at the same time.

We can’t wait to find out what comes next!

We will launch a series of posts about each founder in the next couple of weeks — but here is an overview (in alphabetical order):

Busy Backpack

Busy Backpack is a community platform that helps international students integrate with local markets by providing creative, cultural, food events and online activities.

Care with Friends

Care With Friends is for family members or friends of someone requiring care
services, who want a hassle-free way to choose, manage, track and pay for
their care.

CP Sidekick

For people with uncurable chronic pain and fatigue, who have reached the end of the available medical drug treatments in the healthcare system and can’t see how to live a fulfilling and successful life because of pain, CP Sidekick provides holistic, community-driven, humanised help via a superhero narrative delivered by smartwatch and phone app.


Cystel Limited is an independent Management and Education consultancy and training business, specialising in a variety of cybersecurity services.

Electro Cat Studios

Electro Cat Studios aims to allow people to create electronics and software hobby projects to solve problems they actually have.

Fair Custodian

Take control of your personal data — Fair Custodian offers an online dashboard to your digital life, separating the notification side of email out into something that works for you, and making your personal email conversational again.


Turn any screen into a supercomputer with the Fumarii cloud and use the generated heat for a warmer home or office — it’s the future of computer and heating.


Heilen’s first app ‘Beach House’ provides its users with gentle yoga, meditation and music — for a more mindful lifestyle.


The household name-in-waiting for waste and recycling. Find out more about it here.

Little Sleeper

For new parents who are sleep deprived, Little Sleeper is a mobile app that
provides custom baby sleep coaching. Unlike baby sleep books or general baby
apps, Little Sleeper is a personal assistant that provides instant tips and advice uniquely tailored to your baby’s needs.


MyMarto is an online marketplace created to support independent local retailers and to showcase, sell and have delivered their products to new and existing customers.


Myndr is a peer-to-peer mental health collaboration app which allows people to actively work out problems and achieve goals together.

Storage Shepherd

Storage Shepherd is a comparison site for self-storage and car parking facilities that allows users to search, compare and book spaces through their website.


TTILENT is working on the development of Trameechi — a new database and
information service aimed at supporting front line health and social care
providers to make social prescribing much faster and more effective.


VISAVIS is a dating app that connects people who want to meet in real life with nearby venues (coffee shops, bars, restaurants), ensuring a streamlined and safe transition between the online and offline medium.

Watch Me

Watch ME is a smartwatch that actively monitors and responds to heart attacks. Providing empowerment to individuals and peace of mind to the families of those vulnerable to heart problems.

We Are Auburn

The We are Auburn team is on a mission to improve the self-confidence of women in the UK. It’s a digital lifestyle publication and online community. They provide the tools, resources, products and services that give you the confidence to conquer your world. Whatever your world may be.

Your Medicine Your Choice

YMYC helps medical professionals accurately prescribe medication for individuals with dietetic or faith-based needs and allows consumers to search a database of drugs suited to their lifestyle.


Younited provides amateur and semi-professional sportspeople who want to track their progress and achievements with a dedicated platform, and audience, to share their profile/ CV with other players, clubs and coaches in their sport.

Applications for the 2019 pre-accelerator will open in April. You can read more about what the programme can do for you and your startup on the Ignite website and, in the meantime, feel free to contact us to talk through how Ignite can help you get started!

For more information, please contact the Ignite programme team:

Gabriela Maticgabi@ignite.io | linkedin.com/in/gabrielamatic
Wil Bentonwil@ignite.io | linkedin.com/in/fatkidonfire
Alexis Long alexis@ignite.io | linkedin.com/in/alexisjlong




Co-founder Metta @mettatalks, former Programme Director ATI Boeing Accelerator — Alumna @igniteaccel / @techstars '16 NYC

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Gabriela Matic

Gabriela Matic

Co-founder Metta @mettatalks, former Programme Director ATI Boeing Accelerator — Alumna @igniteaccel / @techstars '16 NYC

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